For the day or so, one of our computers at home was unable to use https or ftps secure server for a short while. As a result of googling on the subject, I've discovered that if you use internet explorer, there are exactly three critical settings that must be properly set to use SSL secure sockets through the internet explorer client browser:

Under the Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced Tab:

  1. Use SSL 2.0
  2. Use SSL 3.0
  3. Use TSL 1.0

All must be checked. Time wasted trying to figure out why I couldn't fill out online orders, 34 minutes. I suppose I could've gone to Microsoft's Knowledge Base, although I didn't feel that becoming lost among the “man pages” unix style (but managable) support pages, settings tinkering seemed to be more on my side.

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Matthew James k:

Matthew James k

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