Before I started working with the Python Tools for Visual Studio, the initial state of my computer was that I already had installed Windows 10–v1511 build 10.586.71, then later had already successfully installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise Edition v14.0.24720.0 with Update 1.

After opening Visual Studio, clicking File->New Project->Templates->Other Languages->Pyton then I get the following screen shoot start page with the File Newproject dialogue box open:

Enterprise Visual Studio 2015 - Python Tools Setup

Double clicking the “Install Python Tools for Visual Studio” automatically launched the Visual Studio setup program, downloaded and installed all the required dev, test, and project template tools that is required for working with Python using Visual Studio 2015

Now my Python Project template dialogue box looks like this after the setup is finished:

Enterprise Visual Studio 2015 - Python Tools Setup Complete

Here are some other useful web hyperlinks that may help also:




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Matthew James k:

Matthew James k

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