More Internet Explorer 7.0 Essentials

All Internet Explorer users —> NOW HERE THIS! <—

There two more gotch’yas I’ve recently stumbled across that I hope to save everyone that same trouble from:

1)      If your friend has provided you a login to his website running IIS and without 128-bit SSL, HTTPS encryption, make sure you disable “Enable Windows Integrated Security,” or you’ll be forever disallowed to login to your friend’s site.

2)      Don’t ever expect to use Internet Explorer for access to your favorite FTP sites anymore. For security concerns, FTP access is turned off in Internet Explorer 7.0. You are now restricted to use FTP access only through an Explorer Window to keep your files and password from being sent in clear text across the wire.

I hope this helps for everyone that is a Windows or Internet Explorer out there, and we’ll see you at the next blog entry.

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Matthew James k:

Matthew James k

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